Ceramic House

Ceramic porous block «KERAMKOMFORT» 25/ 38/ 44

Facing ceramic brick

Block for interfloor covering

Clinker brick for construction of basement

Ceramic block «KERAMKOMFORT» 2NF

Glazed brick for interior

Ceramic block «KERAMKOMFORT» 10




Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is now becoming an important factor to be taken into consideration when choosing a material for the walls. 38 cm Ceramic Porous Blocks by SBK are a great alternative to traditional walls made of regular solid brick with a thickness of 120 cm. High rates of heat transmission resistance are ensured by numerous air cells, as well as internal micropores in the material. The micropores are formed thanks to natural wood dust added to the clay for this very purpose.

Money-saving construction

Reducing weight of the walls thanks to 50-53% porosity of large-sized blocks allows to lessen the load on the foundation and save the costs associated with its construction. Groove and ridge system requires no concrete bonding, which, in turn, results in smaller amount of used masonry admixture. Opting for 38 and 44 cm blocks, you will be able to save on thermal insulation.

Environmental friendliness

For centuries, the man has been using clay to build houses. Combination of natural clay and modern-day technologies is a cornerstone of eco-friendly solutions offered by SBK. To manufacture ceramic blocks, face and clinker bricks, we use only all-natural raw materials, confirmed by Certificate on Environmental Friendliness and Safety.

Reliable investment
Investing in a house made of ceramic bricks is a kind of value, which you would wish to pass onto next generations. Brick house has always been trusted, since it can preserve its original look for centuries.

Individuality and variety of colors
A variety of colors and textures of ceramic face bricks is designed to accommodate your individual aesthetic tastes. Using engobed, decorated and glazed brick, as well as blending colors from Mix Design line offer truly limitless possibilities for design and expression. You can create a completely unique façade that only you will have. Color and texture of the brick are resistant to harsh climatic conditions and will not change over time, as it sometimes happens to alternative materials.

Fast-paced construction
2NF block is an equivalent of 2.12 regular brick. 25 and 38 cm large-sized blocks replace 10.5 and 10 regular bricks respectively. Fast-paced construction becomes possible due to large size and ideal dimensions of the blocks.

Strength and safety
Strength of the brick is indicated in M100-M300 and certified. The brick is also non-flammable, preventing the fire spread, therefore, increasing your safety.