Tennisit is a surface intended for use in of tennis courts (clay courts). It is also used for any other sports areas or playgrounds. Tennisit’s key component is a crushed high-quality clay brick.

A clay tennis court surface is traditionally popular in Europe. Notably, the French Open and other Grand Slam is played on such a surface.

Finely-crushed brick (brick chips), slaked lime, clay and sand are used to construct tennis courts made of Tennisit. By mixing these ingredients we produce a material suitable for sports areas and landscaping. The surface which includes crushed brick and lime ensures a slower bounce of the ball during the game.

The obtained granular material thus produced has high elasticity, reducing stress on the player’s legs and the risk of injury during the game. Thanks to fine particles of brick, sports facilities with this surface can still be used even during a small rain. Players feet will not slip so easily on the court’s surface, which makes tennisit truly multifunctional under all weather conditions. It lets the water pass through easily and dries up quickly, so that the game can usually be restarted within just half an hour after even heavy rainfall.

Fired clay granules by SBK which are used to make tennisit are of brick-red color and available in the following packages:
- Big bags of 1,000 kg. 
- Plastic bags of 10 and 25 kg.


Tennisit provides for easy production of playgrounds, pathways in parks and gardens, as well as other outdoor recreational areas. First, the underlying soil is laid down, following which the foundation of the future facility is filled up with large crushed stone in fraction of 20-40 mm or 40-70 mm as is normally used for this purpose. The foundation must be 12 to 15 cm thick. The foundation is then covered up with drainage layer made of finer gravel or crushed stones in fraction of 10-20 mm. The thickness of this layer ranges from 4 to 6 cm. After that, tennisit is added in several steps. It is thoroughly watered layer by layer and then compressed with help of plate compactor. A well-compressed surface is the key to a better quality of sports facility. The thickness of the basic top layer should be at least 5 cm, or better – 8-10 cm. By deeper filling, the facility will have a much longer service life. For arrangement of standard 18 x 36m court, approximately 40 tons of the prepared mixture. After each season, tennisit must be refilled with new mixture. For this purpose, the average consumption of material ranges from 1 to 3 tons annually. This also depends on the frequency of the playing court’s usage and other climatic factors.

Tennisit is also suitable for landscaping of parks and gardens, as well as for landscape design. Pedestrian paths and flowerbeds arranged with help of brick chips make the landscape really pop and are very pleasing to the eye.