About our company

Slobozhanska Budivelna Keramika Private Joint Stock Company with Foreign Investments is Ukraine's largest brick and insulating block manufacturer offering the complete production cycle from clay extraction to shipment of finished goods.

SBK PJSC was incorporated in 1997, with support from Western NIS Enterprise Fund. Today, among SBK’s majority shareholders are MARA Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH (Austria) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), both having more than 25% equity interest in the company.

The financial statements of the Company have been confirmed by international auditing companies, such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and Kreston GCG since 1998.

SBK’s manufacturing facilities include two plants located in Romny City, Sumy Region and Ozera Village, Kyiv Region, having total annual capacity of 180 million bricks. SBK has its own raw material base consisting of 4 quarries located in different Ukrainian regions. This ensures full-scale uninterrupted supply of the best quality clay. All of our products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, comply with UkrSEPRO requirements and have EU Conformity of Production Certificate.


Our plants operate in accordance with a quality management system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


The finished products are also tested for environmental safety. Thanks to their excellent quality and the implementation of most advanced solutions, SBK products are used in both individual houses and high-rise construction ensuring best thermal efficiency ratings and economy of resources saving during operation, while conforming to the relevant EU standards. The company's products are popular not only in Ukraine but also Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Israel and the EU countries.

Evolution of the company

2016 Successful set up of ceramic blocks production by SBK Ozera for internal construction.
Introduction of a system for warehouse inventory control of finished products.

2015 First shipments to the UK, Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. Launch of glazed brick production.
New record sales - 110.6 million bricks annually.
Obtained Conformity of SBK Production Certificate SOU OEM Ceramic Products. Ecological Criteria for Product Life Cycle Assessment.
SBK, PJSC joins the Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine.

2014 Quality of the products by SBK is confirmed by the EU Conformity of Production Certificate.
First shipments to Israel and Romania.
SBK, PJSC receives the Exporter of the Year Award.
Launch of engobed and British size brick production.

2013 1 billion bricks manufactured by SBK plants in the period from 1997 to 2013.
Record annual sales - 101.4 million bricks.
21.6 million brick exported, which is more than one third of the total export of clay bricks manufactured in Ukraine.
First shipments to Romania and Kirghizia.

2012 Launch of 2NF, M-150 production.
Launch of KeramKomfort 250 P+G Insulating Clay Blocks.
Launch of clinker brick production.

2011 Implemented large-scale modernization of SBK Romny Plant aimed at expanding production capacity and improving product quality.
2011 Industry Leader Gold Medal awarded by National Business Rating.
SBK, PJSC joins the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine.

2010 Launch of brand-new KeramKomfortTM large-sized clay blocks.
Implementation of post-crisis 2010 Breakthrough Strategy under the slogan “High Quality, Fair Price.”

2009 Export markets expansion. Establishment of SBK Call Center.
Company's participation in implementation of national programmes and projects, such as Euro 2012, Affordable Housing, and low-rise construction development programme.

2008 Completion of SBK Ozera Plant construction.
Manufacture of test batches of products from various product lines.
Achieving 70% production capacity.
First stage of SBK Kharkiv Plant modernization.
Implementation of CRM policy in the company.
Development of “Finished Wall” Partner Program.

2007 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) buys 12% of company shares from Raiffeisen Investment AG.
Approval of SBK Long-term Development Strategy till 2015.
SBK, PJSC joins the All-Ukrainian Union of Manufactures of Building Materials.

2006 Company commences construction of its new plant in Ozera Village, Kyiv Region, with annual capacity of 120 million bricks.

2005 Quality Management System Certification for Compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

2004 Western NIS Enterprise Fund sells 100% of SBK shares to Austrian Raiffeisen Investment AG (RIAG) and MARA Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH (Austria). Relocation of SBK Romny Headquarters to Kyiv.

2003 Quality Management System Certification in Compliance with ISO 9001:2000 International Standards.

2001 Company acquires second brick plant in Kharkiv.

2000 SBK, PJSC exports first batches of products to Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries.

1999 SBK enters the market for clay facing bricks.

1998 Reconstruction of Romny Plant.

1997 Western NIS Enterprise Fund incorporates Slobozhanska Budivelna Keramika (SBK) on the basis of Romny Brick Plant in Sumy Region.