SBK Ozera Plant

SBK Ozera PlantBeing the first plant to manufacture porous ceramic blocks in Ukraine, SBK Ozera is the most powerful facility among SBK companies. The plant is located in the area of Ozeryansky Clay Deposit, 30 km from Kyiv. Total area of industrial site is 5.4 hectares. Plant neighbors with clay extraction quarry of about 40 hectares. Development of plant constructional design has commenced in summer of 2006, and its construction has been launched in April 2007. Installation of technological equipment has been completed in October 2008, followed by launch of the plant in “soft mode” in March 2009. The first burnt clay products have seen the light of day in May 2009. Plant’s annual production capacity is 120 million pieces of brick.

SBK Ozera PlantCeramic porous blocks to be manufactured at the plant have every advantage of ceramic bricks and are used for construction of bearing external and internal walls, as well as internal partitions. The product is efficient and eco-friendly. SBK, PJSC has been the first Ukrainian company to register technical conditions for manufacture of large-sized ceramic porous blocks in August 2006. Porous blocks by SBK Ozera have been offered to Ukrainian buyer under KeramKomfortTM, registered by SBK, PJSC in November 2007.

SBK Ozera PlantPlant construction is a joint investment project of SBK, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and BNP Paribas Group, being the largest international financial and banking group, headquartered in Paris, France. SBK’s technology partner and equipment supplier for project implementation has been French company CERIC, world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for building ceramics production. Spetsstroymontazh Construction Company (Kharkiv), operating in Ukrainian market since 1999, has become Principal Contractor of this project.

Total investment in SBK Ozera amounted to $56.5 million.

SBK Ozera Plant

Products manufactured by SBK Ozera Plant: Ceramic blocks


SBK Romny Plant

SBK Romny Plant

With more than many year old history, SBK Romny is the first SBK venture, which is by far the most powerful Ukrainian company to manufacture facing bricks. Its production capacity reaches 100%. Today, the plant produces 60 million pieces of brick annually.

The plant located in Plavynysche Village, Romny District, Sumy Region has been established in 1997 on the basis of existing manufacturing facility, built by Bulgarian experts in 1989, with the participation of Western NIS Enterprise Fund and Sumy Wall Materials Plant. As a result of major modernization implemented by OCI (CERIC) French Company, the first production line has been launched in 1998, followed by second production line in 2001.

So far, ceramic face bricks account for 99.8% of the plant's overall production. The manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced high-tech machinery from German, French and Italian manufacturers. The plant operates in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, certified by PRIROST Certification Authority in three systems, namely UkrSEPRO System Standards, SovAsk International Quality Organization and TQA German Association for Accreditation. In 2007, with support from EBRD, SBK has been able to launch a large-scale two-stage modernization, which has been completed in 2010.

SBK Romny PlantUpgrade of SBK Romny Plant required over $7 million of investment till the end of 2010. As the result, it was expected to achieve stable long-term operation of the company’s manufacturing facilities at full capacity for at least 20 years, as well as to implement new technological procedures in order to optimize production process at the plant. In March 2007, the Bank has conducted environmental audit in the company, which showed that plant’s location met all outlined requirements and that planned modernization complied with the highest Ukrainian and EU environmental standards.

Products manufactured by SBK Romny Plant: Face Bricks