Social responsibility

A high degree of social and environmental responsibility is among key values of the Company.


SBK’s business processes are based on the principles of social responsibility to the Company's staff, business ethics and strict observance of employees’ rights.

SBK’s corporate values include professional competence, efficiency, leadership and loyalty.

Collective Agreement providing additional social protection and services is concluded between the shareholders and employees every year.

In relations with its shareholders, SBK can safely guarantee operation of professional team, which has the necessary potential and ability to help the capital grow.

The Company offers new opportunities, professionalism and reliability, rationality and long-term mutually advantageous relationships to its partners.

The Company partners with the local authorities in regions of its operation, being the largest taxpayer and ensuring stable tax payments. Long-term Social and Economic Partnership Agreements have been signed between SBK and the State Administrations in Kyiv, Sumy and Kharkiv. Their implementation is aimed at improving social infrastructure facilities, rehabilitating roads, schools, preschool institutions and other social and cultural facilities, along with development of youth training and employment programs. Law-obedience, creation of jobs and investment attraction are guaranteed to the state by the Company.

Fully engaging in development of professional initiatives and legislation, SBK is a member of the Association of the Taxpayers of Ukraine, the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, and the All-Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials.

SBK understands that trust can only be earned through actions, therefore, the Company actively supports its own social initiatives, being a patron of various cultural projects.

The projects listed below are under continuous patronage of SBK:

  • in Sumy Region (support provided to the Boarding School for Children with Special Needs, Glinsk Village, Romny District, the Boarding School in the town of Romny and kindergarten in Plavynyshche Village, Romny District; involvement in gasification of Zagrebellya Village, Romny District; support of the children's football team in the town of Romny; joint programs with village councils in Plavynyshche and Basovka villages, Romny District, etc.);
  • in Kyiv Region (patronage of the middle school in Ozera Village, Borodyanka District; drinking water well construction and arrangement of well-rooms in the area of Ozera Village; involvement in gasification of villages in Kyiv Region);
  • in Kharkiv (patronage assistance provided to the Middle School No.69 in Leninsky District; support of Pravoporyadok and Sloboda Charity Foundations);
  • in Bakhmut District, Donetsk Region (support of the middle school and kindergarten; joint programs with Serebryansky Village Council).

Over the past few years, around 30 churches across Ukraine have been rehabilitated and built with the support from and under the patronage of SBK.

Some of them are shown below:


Church in Ozera Village (Borodyansky District, Kyiv Region); Church in Plavynyshche Village (Romensky District, Sumy Region); St. Andrew’s Church (Khoruzhevka Village, Sumy Region); Vydubitsky Monastery (Kyiv).

Jointly with the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Ukraine Filaret, SBK took over the patronage of one of the oldest Kyiv’s monasteries Vydubitsky Monastery founded in the XII century.

Over the last decade, the Company has assigned several million hryvnia to implement programs of the social initiatives.

In 2016, SBK served as a patron of the national cultural and artistic event, namely Myroslav Skoryk in THREE S Project: Skoryk – Silvestrov – Stankevych. World premiere of Concerto No.2 for Cello and Orchestra has taken place within the framework of the event.


Progressing as a leading company in Ukrainian market, SBK offers high-quality and eco-friendly products, while introducing advanced resource and energy saving technologies to promote environmental protection.

Environmental policy is implemented as part of SBK’s daily production processes and solutions, while being woven into company’s history, corporate culture and manufactured products.

All manufacturing facilities within the SBK Group undergo an annual environmental audit.

SBK is the winner of the All-Ukrainian Competition “Ecological Quality and Safety”, having the right to place a distinctive trademark on its products.